01_tearaway ©Kathryn Cooley
02_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
03_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
04_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
05_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
06_tearaway.©Heroen Bollaert
07_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
08_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
09_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
10_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
11_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
12_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
13_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
14_tearaway ©Heroen Bollaert
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TearAway  F. noun. – A young person who behaves in an uncontrolled way and is often causing trouble. 

Imagine a few boxes dispatched on the stage – from which you’ll have to think out of. Imagine a trapeze that comes to life, at times as a friend, at others as an enemy. One quest:  to deconstruct the stereotypes conveyed by the aerial world, such as thinness, flexibility, elegance and sensuality. 

Tearaway is a mischievous show, an act of discontent as much as one of derision. Tearaway humorously erases the borders that society would like to draw between normality and marginality, but also those that separate the public from the artist on stage.

Suzon jumps out of the frame – completely and literally. On the trapeze,  she combines breakdance, vertical dance and zero gravity in an unusual and unprecedented manner.

A deep dive into the diary of someone in search of answers about identity, estheticism, about the body, and essentialism. 


A show from and with: Suzon Gheur
Co-director : Biel Jordà
Rigger & stage manager : Kathryn Cooley/Caroline Arter
Consultant rigger : Quique Llobet, Noé Mermin, Léa Vayrou
Co-choreographer & mentor : Chantal McCormick
Light design : Laura Hawkins, Adèle Evans, Valentin Boucq
Music composer : Karen Van Schaik
Sound and light manager : Jacob Woulfe/Filipe Dos Santos/Valentin Boucq
Texte & declamation adviser : Michèle Waucquaire
Physical theatre adviser : Miquel Borcelò
Communication support : Charlotte Smitt
Voices : Karen Van Schaik, Sara Martinez, Elio Dufailly, …

  • Belgo-Irish-Hispanic Coproduction 
  • Show designed for indoor venues or circus tent.
  • Show for all audience (scholar : from 10 years old)
  • Time : 50 mn
  • Creation 2022


Coproductions : Irish Aerial Creation Center &  Centre d’Investigació Escènica

Residency : Irish Aerial Creation Center [IE], La Roseraie [BE],  Centre d’Investigació Escènica [ES], Le Vaisseau [BE], Tout & Taxis [BE], Perplx – Unie Der Zorgelozen [BE].

With the support of : Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Service Général de la Création Artistique – Service des Arts Forain, du Cirque et de la Rue, Irish Arts Council, Bruxelles Wallonie International.

Special thanks to : Caroline Balon, Alex Allison, Ophélie Bouffil, Paul Thompson, Bibou, Isacs, Aires Libres, La Chouette Diffusion, …

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Production notes

Technical rider

Lady or Me

00_lady-or-me ©Elsie Smith
03_lady-or-me ©Elsie Smith
02_lady-or-me ©Elsie Smith.
04_lady-or-me ©Jym Daly
05_lady-or-me ©Alan Meban
06_lady-or-me ©Alan Meban
07_lady-or-me ©Elsie Smith.
08_lady-or-me_(c)_Alan Meban
09_lady-or-me ©Alan Meban
10_lady-or-me ©Jym Daly
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Lady or me is an ambivalent, dynamic and powerful Trapeze and Dance act. It combines circus lyricism with the brutal strength breakdance can display. In a word –  boum !

The show ends in applause. Under the noise of the claps fading out, I can hear myself breathing again – uh ! I quickly wipe out my face, take off the clothes.
I am finally one-on-one with the stage (what a bliss it is) ! I can choose now. 

Lady or me ? ….. Me !

  • Show for all ages.
  • Time : 8mn45
  • Creation 2017


With the support of  : Irish Arts Council, Creative Intensive du Irish Aerial Creation Center

Special thanks to : Chantal McCormick, Rachel Strickland, Aimee Hancock, New England Center for Circus Arts.

This act can be adapted to your needs and combined with others according to your event. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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Technical rider

Like Riding a Bike

01_Like_riding-a-bike ©Circo Price
02_like_riding_a_bike ©Arte Alcobendas
03_Like_riding-a-bike ©Arte Alcobendas
04_Like_riding-a-bike ©Gran Gala Asaltos
05_Like_riding-a-bike ©Carampa
06_Like_riding-a-bike ©Gaia Pascolo
08_Like_riding-a-bike ©Elsie Smith
09_Like_riding-a-bike ©Elsie Smith
10_Like_riding-a-bike ©Elsie Smith
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Like riding a bike is a Cyr wheel act with a touch of sweetness. For once,  Proust’s madeleine is not to be eaten but to be watched and felt. A child’s play. 

Have you ever felt it ? Childhood nostalgia ? Have you dealt with the longing feeling of lightness and carefreeness ? I bet you did.

On stage, Suzon and her wheel banter and swing just like two kids would tease and play. Here, the stage represents a playground for frivolity and mischief where trust is being tested.

  • Show for all ages.
  • Time : 6mn15
  • Creation 2017


Special thanks to: Krin Haglund, Mark Glover, my innerchild.

This act can be adapted to your needs and combined with others according to your event. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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Technical rider

La Solución dentro de ti

01_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©TAC Vade[Ocio]
02_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©Mark Morreau
03_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©ESAC
03_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©Mark Morreau
04_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©ESAC
05_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©TAC Vade[Ocio]
06_la-solution-dentre-de-ti ©Mark Morreau
07_la-solution-dentre-de-ti©Mark Morreau
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La solución dentro de ti is an act of weightless(ness).

Is this a Trapeze performance ? Is this a Vertical Dance act ? (principal infos)

In any case, it is a person who seems to be fighting against gravity just as one would fight against its own feelings to better control her emotions.

Because, here is the thing : I feel blocked, fixed, I am nothing but numb.  I am down in the dumps. In my paralysis, I cannot even hear the familiar voices of those who wish to bring me back to the surface. So I try to gain momentum, I back up, when I suddenly see it : this small door. It was just there, from the start. Right inside of me. 

I just needed to see it.

  • Show for all ages.
  • Time : 10 mn
  • Creation 2018


Special thanks to: Lindsey Butcher, European Aerial Dance Festival, Javier Jiménez.

This act can be adapted to your needs and combined with others according to your event. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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Technical rider